RTM is a similar technique to the RTM light.
The difference is that we work with solid heated lower and upper mold often milled (but it can also be constructed in epoxy composite material).

  • After applying the gelcoat and insert the fibers, we inject the resin using an injection pump.

  • This technique makes it possible to use higher injection pressures.

  • Low pressure injection (0.2 – 5 bar) of liquid resin.

  • Closing mold system, mold is heated.
  • Fiber reinforcement is placed before closing the mold.

  • All types of reinforcements are possible.

  • Good mechanical properties, depending of the fiber reinforcements type used we can go up until 35%.

  • Clamping force is needed.

Advantages of this technique

  • Sandwich-construction is possible;
  • Inserts can be integrated;
  • More parts per time unit, up to 16 parts per day/shift depending of using gelcoat or not; cooling jig is necessary;
  • Thickness accuracy up to +/-0.35mm;
  • The thickness of the part is defined by the mold design (stiff block mold).