RTM light is a closed mold system.
We work with a heated solid lower mold (gfk) and a very thin gfk upper mold.

  • The closing of the mold and the injection are vacuum assisted.

  • After applying the gelcoat we insert the fibers and close the mold.
  • The resin we inject using an injection pump ore sucks up the resin using vacuum.

  • Filling of the mold by vacuum technology.

  • Closing the mold system.
  • Fiber reinforcement is placed before closing the mold.

  • All types of reinforcements are possible.

  • Inserts can be integrated.

  • Good mechanical properties, depending of the fiber reinforcements type used we can go up until 35%.

Advantages of this technique

  • In the case of RTM light method the upper mold is very thin and flexible, in the case of infusion technique the upper mold is replaced by foil;
  • Sandwich-construction is possible;
  • More parts per time unit, up to 16 parts per day/shift depending of using gelcoat or not; cooling jig is necessary;
  • Thickness accuracy up to +/-1mm;
  • The thickness of the part is defined by the quantity and type of fiber layers used;
  • This technique is perfect for the production of big parts, for example boat hulls.