Arplama basically process fiber reinforced plastics, in general glass fiber reinforced polyester parts, but also materials as carbon, flax fibers, aramid fibers.

In composite materials, as the word says, we make a composition of materials. Depending of the product requirements we can choose out of a large range of materials.

We distinguished three categories:

  • Aspect products where the aspect is important but the mechanical properties are subordinate;

  • Products with high mechanical requirements but aspect not important;

  • Products with high mechanical requirements and high aspect properties.

  • Polyester resin;
  • Vinyl ester resin;
  • Epoxy resin;
  • Polyester gelcoats and topcoats (any color), standard for polyester parts;
  • Epoxy gelcoats, used with carbon parts;
  • Vinyl ester gelcoats and topcoats, used for part where the chemical resistant is required, for example special foams for firefight applications.
  • Glass fiber random mat;
  • Glass fiber woven;
  • Glass fiber surface veils;
  • Carbon fiber;
  • Aramid fibers;
  • Cobalt fiber.
  • Coremat in different thicknesses;
  • PVC core;
  • Balsa core;
  • Pile wood core;
  • Polyurethane core.
  • Metallic welded;
  • Bended inserts;
  • Bolts;
  • Nuts;
  • Plastic parts.
  • Chassis;
  • Valves;
  • Flanges;
  • Tubes;
  • Electrical components.