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The company has been in operation for more than 35 years. Producing quality products and being a one-stop shop for its clients. Starting from engineering up to the finished product.


Arplama basically processes mostly fiber reinforced plastics, in general glass fiber reinforced polyester parts, but also other materials, such as carbon, flax fibers and aramid fibers.


The combination between higher mechanical properties and low investment cost in designing product makes composite materials absolutely indispensable in today’s design.


Mechanical recycling is a process used to recycle materials, such as glass reinforced plastic, by grinding them into small particles and molding them into brand new products.



Composite materials are covering a wide range of sectors.
Also, Arplama is supplying a lot of different kind of products.
We are active in following domains: automotive, agriculture, fire fighting, sanitary, machine building, architecture, furniture and boat industry.



R&D is a key figure of Arplama, our team has six engineers. Arplama works together with the universities of Brasov (RO) and Leuven (BE) in researching the behavior of composite materials. Those results we use in FEA calculations. Arplama is offering its R&D support starting from sketch until the final product.



This composite company utilizes cutting-edge technologies to manufacture advanced composite materials for various industries. They incorporate techniques such as spray-up, vacuum infusion, hand- lay-up,… to produce high-quality, customized composite parts that meet the unique requirements of their clients.



Arplama prides itself on its commitment to quality and precision. We utilize state-of-the-art machines and equipment to manufacture composite parts that meet or exceed industry standards. Our manufacturing processes are carefully monitored to ensure consistent quality and accuracy, and we have obtained ISO certification to demonstrate our adherence to international standards for quality management.

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